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The use of tuning forks to heal with sound is becoming more popular. The use of sound as a wellness tool and for transformation can affect the emotional, mental, and physical bodies. What happens to the body when we listen to sound with our ears and the tuning forks don't touch us? Visit our website and learn more about cellular sound tuning.

We believed that our body was solid. Quantum physics has revealed that what we used to think was solid is really in a constant state of movement and vibrating. Solid matter can be seen because its vibrations are low enough that they allow us to touch and feel it. Once we have accepted this basic idea that we are vibrations in a physical body, we can then use some simple concepts from the science of sounds to explain its healing properties.


Waves of sound travel in the air. The frequency of a sound is measured in Hertz or cycles per seconds (abbreviated as Hz). A sound's frequency can be measured. Forks that are used to heal will have a label that specifies the frequency. As an example, a fork with a label of 528Hz vibrates at 528 cycles/second. Deep sounds tend to have lower frequencies because they are made up of slower waves. The range of sounds we can hear is from 16 Hz all the way up to about 16,000 Hz. The fact that we cannot hear sounds does not necessarily mean they aren't present or have no impact on us.


Resonance refers to the vibrational frequency of an item. Every object is unique in its resonant frequencies. The cells and organs of your body all have their own frequency. Resonance can be of two types. A free resonance is when an object starts to vibrate after it touches a frequency identical to its. You can, for example, strike the sound-healing tuning forks to get them vibrating. The second tuning fork, which you did not strike, will also vibrate if you place it right next to it. Nothing will happen if the forks have a different vibration frequency.

A forced resonance is when a vibration source, like a tuning-fork, causes vibrations to occur in an object of another frequency. A vibration from an object can alter the vibrations produced by another. The water in a liquid is an easy substance to respond to. Our bodies, which are mostly composed of water, also vibrate at different frequencies.

There are many frequencies in the human body that we can resonate to. We all vibrate at a different rate because we are a combination of our individual frequencies. A part of our bodies vibrating below its natural frequency can cause illness.