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For most businesses, managed services are no longer just an inexpensive alternative to their in-house service. They are playing an important role in improving and changing the way we conduct our daily operations. Security is our main concern when it comes to IT support business. The Managed IT Service Providers are providing dedicated managed services to address several of your challenges, including landscape, compliance with industry standards and technology, skill shortages and staffing pressures, malware and data intrusion management, and other security issues.

A general market study revealed that despite the economic recession or downturn, among managed IT service, managed security has grown by 8 percent since 2009. In the past, organizations didn't trust third parties to manage their services in order to avoid any intrusions or data exploitation. Recently, the trend is in the opposite direction. There have been many security breaches within organizations due to mismanagement or employees. Managed security, such as system monitoring, delivery mechanism log analysis, cloud-based services, and software as a Service (SaaS), has become mandatory for devices management and device monitoring.

Recent mergers have been successful in growing the market for managed IT services and security.

Managed security has a much greater impact on the overall performance of the company. IT service providers offer a wide range of high-level services, including managed firewalls and application security scans. They also test applications to ensure they are secure. The providers will also take care of the regulatory compliance and risk management, as well as advising the owners on the areas that require investment or attention. Today, even malware is so sophisticated that it requires us to implement threat intelligence to identify vulnerabilities. Managed security seems to be the best solution.