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Many homeowners are reluctant to perform this task of home maintenance on their own. It can be simple and cost-effective to repair your roof repairs bet quality yourself. To determine if this is a repair you can perform yourself, you must first identify the issue. If your roof is brand new, the problem is often caused by improper design. Winds do not need to be hurricane-force for your roof to get damaged. It is possible for a storm to produce strong wind gusts or winds that exceed fifty miles an hour. This is powerful enough to lift shingles. The wind could pull adhesive from your home, or even loosen the fasteners.

It is not recommended to repair your roof yourself if the problem is due to faulty design. The problem will return if you ignore the design issue and fix only the roof. Improper design can lead to a number of problems.

The roof slope is not adequate
* Support structures too large to hold the weight of roof
Decking structures are not designed to accommodate contraction and growth.
Water can pool up on roofs if there are not enough drains.

These design issues can lead to problems such as separation and even more serious problems. It is better to leave this roofing repair work to professionals who are experts in roof repairs.

Roof repair may be necessary due to the normal weathering of an old roof. In order to keep your roof looking good, you will need to perform some maintenance. The roofing material will deteriorate if you don't do the maintenance. Dirt and moisture can enter your home. The roofing material can deteriorate faster if you live near an industrial area with high levels of pollution or frequent hailstorms. Salt exposure can also cause the roof materials to deteriorate if you live close to an ocean.

No matter the cause of the problem, the process for roofing repairs is always the same. Repairing your roof involves:

The damage under the shingles can be seen by removing the damaged section of shingles
You can replace only damaged shingles by replacing the felt that covers the roof support.
If the moisture is in the home, you may have to repair or replace the decking.

Call a roofing contractor if you are not comfortable with climbing up on the roof.