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Find Massage Therapy Training in the United States of America and Canada. Over 80 massage modalities are in use today effects of mushrooms. Training in Massage Therapy - Modalities Taught Articles training in massage therapy is as diverse as the techniques that are available. The majority of curricula include anatomy, physiology and pathology, with hands-on training in Swedish, deep tissue and sports massage.

It depends on the school which teaches massage therapy. If you want to learn massage therapy, but with a focus on Eastern medicine, there are many healing arts schools offering advanced and supplementary massage therapy training, including instruction in Thai Massage, Oriental Massage, Tuina and Shiatsu.

There are many massage programs available for students who want to receive more training. These include hydrotherapy, trigger point, craniosacral, myofascial, geriatric and prenatal massage, infant massage, lymphatic drainage and others. These massage therapists are qualified to work at hospitals, clinics, sports events, health resorts or spas.

Do you love animals? You might want to consider a massage therapy course with a focus on canine or equine massage. These studies include acupressure, sports massage and anatomy and physiology for the animal. These programs usually result in a diploma or certificate. Graduates can then work at holistic veterinary clinics and vet offices, as well as animal shelters.