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Watercolors For Beginners – How To Paint?

The challenge of painting with watercolors comes from the fact that it is nothing like oil paint. Painting with watercolors is an art unto itself. To be proficient, you will need more than the video instructions or pamphlets that come in many starter kits

Even so, watercolor paintings that are vibrant and full of design can have a lot of details. What if you ask... can an absolute beginner really achieve such quality when they only have basic knowledge? We're sorry, but the answer is a definite NO.

What you do is very important.

It is important to understand what you're doing if you wish to become a master of watercolor painting. Like oil painting, you cannot cover mistakes by adding more paint. The first brush stroke you make on the surface must be correct.

It's not my intention to tell you that to get you to paint with oil. You must be serious about mastering this skill if you're searching the internet for info. The rewards of learning to master watercolor paints far outweigh any extra time you may need to spend.

What is the best place to start?

The first thing to do is not run out and purchase all the art supplies you can find. Do not invest money in expensive supplies yet. Instead, start by using the most basic of materials.

If you follow my steps below and read the article I don't know why you are reading it.

What is my level of skill as a watercolor painter?

No I am not. Like you, I am an oil-painting dabbler who is curious about getting into watercolors. Yes, my oil painting skills are not very high. However, I still feel that many of the pieces I create have merit. But the point is I have heard many times how difficult it is to paint with watercolors, so I always welcome that challenge.

There's talent and skills

As I look back, it is clear that God has given me a lot of talent as a writer. We're born with certain talents, and many never find out what those are. That's really a great shame.

No matter what talent we possess, it can be enhanced by adding more skills. And there is the secret to achieving a level of success in any pursuit-learning the skills needed to fulfill a dream, to gain self-satisfaction-whatever motivated you to search for information about watercolors and how to use them.

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